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J. G. Mangold's grandfather on his mother's side was a soldier of the American Revolution, serving in the U.S. Dragoons. He lived long after the grandchildren were born and the older ones likely gathered around him to hear exciting stories. The Mangold genealogy is presented as descendants of this individual. Surname Index

MANGOLD FAMILY ALBUM.  Outing to DuQuoin -- Life in Anna -- Civil War Years -- Main Street, Moline -- Cobden Summer -- An Excellent Woman

OUTING TO DUQUOIN.  A map of DuQuoin, Illinois showing the location of J. G. Mangold's City Gallery.

"H & K Fuller"
Hand-tinted carte de visite portrait from the early to mid 1860s showing Emily (Mangold) Fuller and James W. Fuller's son Harry and daughter Kitty (who was named after her grandmother Catherine Gunnell). [AJB:1]

[Portrait of Susan (Mangold) Barnum.]

"Sarah Chester"

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LIFE IN ANNA.  A Biography of James W. Fuller from History of Alexander, Union and Pulaski Counties, Illinois.

"F. Mangold"
Benjamin Franklin Mangold was a successful builder in Union County, Illinois. He built houses in his hometown of Anna, Illinois totaling $15,000 in 1870 and owned a lumber mill. [AJB:2]

"Mrs. P. Mangold, Anna, Illinois."
This carte de visite portrait depicts Piety (Cox) Mangold, wife of Benjamin Franklin Mangold a respected Anna, Illinois builder. [AJB:14]

"Marg[aret] Mangold"
The oldest daughter of B. F. Mangold, Margaret Mangold was born about 1857 and known as "Maggie" to her friends and family. The deteriorated caption on this photograph took some detective work to decipher. [AJB:26]

"James W. Fuller"
James W. Fuller laid track for the new Illinois Central R.R. and was later a fruit grower. He and his son would become instrumental in establishing the fruit-shipping industry. [AJB:12]

[Portrait of B. F. Mangold.]

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CIVIL WAR YEARS.  Affidavit of William T.Freeze on behalf of Miles J. Barnum's pension claim. -- The Volunteer Enlistment of Miles J. Barnum in the 18th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. -- Recommendation of Miles J. Barnum for Captain of Colored Regiment. -- Affidavit of Willis Martin Mangold on behalf of Miles J. Barnum's pension claim.

[James W. Fuller reading Stars and Stripes.]
Interesting and rare carte de visite image from the Civil War showing Illinois Central Railroad section boss James W. Fuller reading an issue of the Unionist Stars and Stripes, a newspaper published in DuQuoin, Illinois where this photograph was made. The informal pose belies the conventional wisdom that nineteenth-century portraits were strictly formal. [AJB:13]

"Harry Blake + Wife Drummer 18th Ill. Vol. Regt. "
Although the contemporary caption to this photograph states Harry Blake was a drummer in Miles Barnum's regiment, no military record has yet been found for this individual. [AJB:5]

[Miles J. Barnum, Little Rock, Arkansas]
Henry Slatter's photographic gallery was directly across from the Union Army Headquarters in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. This carte de visite show Miles J. Barnum, GAR on his discharge in July of 1865. Miles had been elected Sgt. at the formation of his regiment in Anna, Illinois but with the Federal consolidation of the Union Army he was mustered-out as a Pvt. [AJB:24]

[Miles J. Barnum & Susan (Mangold) Barnum wedding photograph.]
One month after his discharge from the Union Army, in August of 1865, Miles J. Barnum married the woman he had waited for nearly a decade to marry, Susan Mangold. This wedding carte de visite was probably taken shortly after the event transpired. [AJB:8]

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[A girl.]

[Portrait of Susan or Emily Mangold.]

[A girl.]

[A lady.]

[A boy.]

[A lady.]

[A lady.]


[Portrait of possibly Susan (Mangold) Barnum]

[Self-portrait of J. G. Mangold, photographer.]

[Gentleman and lady.]

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"Austin [Mangold]"

"Lou[is] Gunnell's wife"

"Corbin Gunnell John's son"

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"J Mangold"

[Portrait of Piety Cox]

[Portrait of possibly Margaret Mangold.]

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AN EXCELLENT WOMAN.  South-Bend Tribune: Old Family Album -- A Surprised Party: The South Bend Tribune August 1 & 2 1877

"Walter, Laura, and Molly Bonney"

"Eliza Mangold"

"A gentleman in uniform."

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My greatest thanks must go to my cousins Kirsten and Laura, both descendants of Benjamin Franklin Mangold and Piety (Cox) Mangold pictured in this album. Kirsten was able to provide information that led to identifications of four cartes de visite here. While Laura gave encouragement and loaned her precious copy of History of Anna, Illinois. Thanks to Glenna Jo Christen of the Curiosity Shop who responded generously to my endless requests for information on fashions of the 1860s. Mary Waterson and the History and Genealogy staff at the St. Joseph Count Public Library, South Bend, Indiana contributed a great volume of papers regarding James Bonney and the Mangold family. And Joan Hostetler, at the Indiana Historical Society, Indiana Photographers Project (a database of Indiana photographers, 1840-1920), was also helpful in looking for material on the Bonney studio. The International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House generously responded to requests to search their holdings. A list of credits and key to accession codes is available.

Steve Knoblock, editor,

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