Charles Savage

Charles Savage was a pioneer Mormon photographer working in Utah in the nineteenth-century. It was Savage who photographed golden spike ceremony held at Promontory Point when the two halves of the Transcontinental Railroad finally came together. Savage was one of the foremost Western landscape photographers of the nineteenth century. He was known for his many wide ranging photographic trips.

Nearly anyone familiar with the history of American West can recognize this photograph, the joining of the rails. However, most people would be strained to say exactly who made the photograph at the driving of the golden spike in 1869. Was it Charles Savage, a Salt Lake City based photographer known for his Utah photographs, or Andrew J. Russell, the only commissioned military photographer in the Civil War who was renowned for his railroad photographs? Current thinking is that it was Savage.

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The Savage View : Charles Savage, Pioneer Mormon Photographer
by Bradley W. Richards


Yosemite 1867
Born 1829 (please fill in)
Died 1906 (please fill in)

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