18th Illinois Vol. Regt.

The purpose of this page is to help those researching the 18th Illinois Volunteer Regiment, a unit formed during the American Civil War. I often am asked if I have information about the regiment, but I am not a Civil War expert and have only researched my own family's involvement in the war. Please send any information or links about the 18th to info@city-gallery.com Thank you, Steve Knoblock, ed. My great-great grandfather Miles J. Barnum served in the 18th and can be seen in the Mangold Family Album, which this page is a part.


Illinois in the Civil War - 18th Illinois Infantry


I have recently learned that my Great(x2)Grandfather Israel Phillips was a member of Company D of the 18th. I would like information regarding the unit. Thanx, Bruce McLean. bmclean@seacorp.com

My name is Steve McIntyre, and I saw your email address as a contact for information on the 18th Illinois volunteers. I am doing some genealogical research, and I wanted to verify what I had been told by older family members - that my great, great grandfather, Thomas Turner served in this unit during the Civil War. Is this information that you can provide? Steve McIntyre semcinty@wans.net

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