Spanish-American War Centennial
Andrew Magill Photographs

View from harbor, the Old City of San Juan, Puerto Rico, circa 1898, attributed to Andrew Magill. A sailing vessel in the foreground is the focal point. There is a man rowing a small boat on the left and a water taxi on the extreme left. A stone quay leads a to up broad square surrounded by blocks of buildings. In the center is a plaza with four marble statues flanking the sides and a pylon at center. The large, white building with four symmetrical windows is the Banco Espanol de Puerto Rico. On the right is the Banco Industriale Y Ag. de Puerto Rico. Below, letters visible on an awning identify a cafe. To the right is a sign: "La Marina." A castellated stone building of moorish character sits on the quay to the left with an American flag flying from the rooftop. The image was probably made after the July occupation of Puerto Rico given the presence of American flags. The building on the left appears in another photograph. I count five flags, and on the building to the left, one more flag, and on the building to the right one flag---American. Most of these buildings are still in existence. The building to the lower left looks like the old jail, which is now a museum.

Having sailed into that harbor many times, I'd put the sailboat where Pier #1 is now located. Those buildings on the left at the water, is now where the U.S. Customs and Coast Guard are located. The 3 buildings in the left rear of the photo are elevated above the other buildings, suggesting that they are atop the Old City Walls on Recinto Sur, a street running up to Calle Cristo and the Parque de Palomas. The foreground buildings are on what is now Calle Marina, running from the Paseo de la Princesa on the left (out of the photo), to the furthest piers which would be to the right in that photo, almost to Puerta de Tierra. Bob K.

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