Stereoscopic Photography

California in Depth: A Stereoscopic History
Crain, Jim.
Chronicle Books, 1994

While this volume is about how stereographers portrayed California scenes. The included stereoscopic viewer gives the reader a first-hand introduction to the stereographic art (viewer came with original printing ISBN 0-8118-0423-2). ISBN 0-8118-0423-2112 pages with 169 of the authors best 19th century California stereo views. Images are reduced to 2.25" x2.25" to allow them to be viewed well with the included stereo viewer. May be available from: 800-722-6657 voice-ordering 800-858-7787 fax-ordering. Chronicle Books, 275 5th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
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An Album of Stereographs: or, our country victorious and now a happy home.
Darrah, William Culp, and Russack, Richard.
Doubleday, 1977. ISBN 0-385-11107-X.

Over 200 humorous views from the turn of the century from the collections of William Culp Darrah and Richard Russack. . 109 p. chiefly illustrations.
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Points of View: the Stereograph in America - a Cultural History.
Earle, Edward W., editor, et. al.
Visual Studies Workshop Press, 1979. ISBN 0-89822-005X-1 (HB) 0-89822-006-8 (PB).

With a foreword by Nathan Lyons. Contributing authors, Howard S. Becker, Thomas Southall, Harvey Green. The stereograph helped change the way Americans saw the world and themselves. It revolutionized education bringing the world's art and architecture into the parlor and far-away peoples of the world into the schoolroom. The three-dimensional image represents a powerful and unique perspective for the historian as it did in those days. This is an important work drawing attention to history of photography as social history.
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Anthony, the Man, the Company, the Cameras.
Marder, William & Estelle.
Pine Ridge Publishing Company, 1982.

This book traces the rise of one of America's greatest manufacturing enterprises - a story that encompasses almost the entire history of photography in the US. 384 pages (HB) ISBN 0-9607480-0-8.
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Historic Florida - a Closer Look at the Photographs of a Century Ago in Three-dimensional Realism.
Slade, Clemente and Dixon, D. Webster.
- Lib. of Congress Printed in August of 1982 by The Kellersberger Fund of the South Brevard Historical Society, Inc. Melbourne, Florida.

You can order from: Kellersberger Fund, Box 5847, FIT, Melbourne, FL 32901. Includes history of 3D, and good text on the history of Florida which is backed up by many antique stereo pairs. Also includes a small, plastic viewer. $6.95 (PB) # 82-081341

Lawrence and Houseworth (Thomas Houseworth & Co. 1860-86).
Palmquist, Peter.
Ohio, National Stereoscopic Association.

The definitive work on these pioneer California photographers; profusely illustrated, many in stereo; checklists of views produced. Bibliography. 150 pages. 97 illustrations. $22.95 (HB) ISBN N/A.

Photographic Record of the Great Boston Fire of 1872.
Novak, Mike.

100 pages. Details the work on 20 photographers. Over 500 stereoviews listed. May be available from: Mike Novak, 4138 C Patrice, New Port Beach, CA 92663, USA

Collector's Guide to Early Photographs.
Collector's Guide to Early Photographs. Mace, O. Henry Mace.
Paperback - 224 pages 2nd update edition (March 1999) Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873417208 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.45 x 10.96 x 8.52

I highly recommend this overview of 19th century photograph types. I highly recommend this book as being a great starting place for those just getting started. It is a book I return to time and time again. Not only does it do a good job of providing a standard concise history for each type of photograph, it makes an effort to tell you something new. An excellent overview of the card photograph and stereo photography in the nineteenth-century starting from the early daguerreotype and tissue images seen at the London Crystal Palace.
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Double Exposure Two: Stereographic Views of the Jersey Shore (1859 to 1910) and Their Relationship to Pioneer Photography.
Moss, George H., Jr.
Sea Bright, New Jersey: Ploughshare Press, 1995. ISBN: 0912396075

A classic volume by the county historian Geogre Moss, addressing the stereographs of Monmouth County by local and visiting photographers. This title provides information about Jersey Shore photographers vital to curators, historians and collectors. Due to a warehouse fire, half the original edition was lost prompting a republication as Double Exposure Two. $12.95 (HB) ISBN 0-912396-00-8. By George H Moss. Stereographs of the New Jersey shore. Published by Ploughshare press, Sea Bright, NJ, 1971. LC Cat. No.
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The World of Stereographs.
Darrah, William Culp.

The definitive work on stereographs. Includes an extensive bibliography of stereograph publishers. An image by a stereo photographer "not listed by Darrah" will certainly please the collector, for it will be rare.
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Early Photography at Gettysburg
Early Photography at Gettysburg William A. Frassanito
Thomas Publications, 353 Buford Ave., Gettysburg, PA. Paperback (October 1996) Thomas Publications; ISBN: 157747032X

The long-awaited companion to Gettysburg: A Journey in Time. In the 20 years since Journey, Frassanito has uncovered many more never-before published photos of people and places significant to Gettysburg's early history as well as new information on commonly known photos, presented in a clear format. Contains thirteen full stereographs, included throughout the book. Many stereo halves are also reprinted with information about the pair. (Originally HB edition: ISBN 0-939631-86-5448 Pages 300+ Photos and Maps. Available from Thomas Publications, 353 Buford Ave., Gettysburg, PA 17325, (717) 334-1921). 8" x 11".
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John Carbutt: On the Frontiers of Photography.
Brey, W.
Paperback (June 1985) Willowdale Press; ISBN: 0961395508

Fascinating account of his career, from early Chicago stereographer to later work in dry plates, x-rays and photomechanical images. Detailed story of Carbutt's career, written in an easy to follow style for the layman. Many illustrations. 208 pages.
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19th Century New York in Rare Photographs
Lightfoot, F.
Self-published? 1981.

151 pages with 151 photos, primarily from stereo halves, of the whole city with full annotation as to photographic sources and historical data. $9.25 (?) ISBN N/A.

California and the West Photographica: A Selection of Original Stereograph Views
Currently Unattributed

A selection of original stereograph views. Georgetown, CA. The Talisman Press, 1986.

Canadian Stereograms By Herbert A. Augustine, John Mcclellan AND Donald I. Revell.
Herbert A. Augustine, John McClellan and Donald I. Revell.
[Don Mills, Ont.] J. M. Dent (Canada) [c1971]ISBN 0460904434. Includes aerial images of Canada.

Stereo Views: An Illustrated History and Price Guide
Stereo Views: An Illustrated History and Price Guide John S. Waldsmith
Paperback - 288 pages (June 1991) Chilton Book Co; ISBN: 0870695789 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.66 x 9.96 x 7.02 (Originally: Radnor, Penn.: Wallace-Homestead Book Company, 1991; ISBN 0-87069-578-9)

This is a reference book for the 3D lover. It covers many aspects of collection from a variety of stereoviews, to tru-vue, to viewmaster and so on. There are prices listed, as well as tips about how to grade collectibles. Some of the prices are not always correct in my opinion, but I understand that they are averages and therefore are a good reference point. This book told me about other organizations that deal with 3D and it is also the book that I used to learn how to free-view 3D pictures. There are plenty of illustrations and more information conatined here - you will not be dissapointed! Has capsule biographies of every major stereograph publisher and photographers in the US and Canada.
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Victorian Florida : America's Last Frontier
Floyd Rinhart, Marion Rinhart
Peachtree Publishers, Ltd. Atlanta, Georgia, 1986.

An excellent history of the development of Florida towns and tourism in the nineteenth-century. The wild and weird plants and animals of the Florida rivers and interior defined the last Frontier to be penetrated and developed in America. Illustrated with many single prints made from stereoviews.
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