Photography and Society


The camera may not be the most trustworthy witness to history, but it is often the only one present for the events that shape it. What the camera lacks in veracity, it makes up for in detail and has often proved more a more truthful record than that of journalists and writers. The image can acquaint us with the likenesses of our ancestors or reveal something of their imaginations.

Camera. Victorian Eyewitness: a History of Photography, 1826-1913.
Macdonald, Gus.
New York: Viking Press, 1980. ISBN: 0670200565.

Like any witness, the camera may lie or tell the truth. The camera may not be completely honest, but it is our only eyewitness to the past. A history of photography emphasizing the camera's role in documenting the decades following the invention of photography.
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A Victorian Album. Julia Margaret Cameron and Her Circle.
Ovenden, Graham, ed.
DeCapo Press, New York, 1975.

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The Victorians : Photographic Portraits
Audrey Linkman.
Hardcover (December 1993) I B Tauris & Co Ltd; ISBN: 1850437386

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Amateurs, Photography, and the Mid-Victorian Imagination
Amateurs, Photography, and the Mid-Victorian Imagination Grace Seiberling, Carolyn Bloore
Hardcover - 195 pages (May 1986) University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226744981 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 11.35 x 9.01

Through a study of British photographers, the author shows how the emergence of amateur photography shaped early photography and led to commercialization of the art. Discusses the tension between amateur and commercial photography.
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The Photograph: A Social History.
Braive, Michael F.
McGraw Hill: New York, 1966.

Braive recognized the far-reaching effects of the democratization of the portrait and the social uses of the photograph.

Photography and the American Scene: A Social History, 1839-1889.
Taft, Robert.
Macmillan, New York, 1938.

Taft was a pioneer who called attention to the potential significance of the carte de visite. An excellent source for information on the evolution of the photographic medium in the United States, with technical information on processes and biographical information on leading individuals.
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Photography and the American Scene: A Social History, 1839-1889.
Taft, Robert.
New York: Dover, 1964 (c1938).

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Die Goldenen Jare der Photoalben.
Mass, Ellen.
Dumont: Koln, Germany, 1977.

Likenesses: Portrait Photography in Europe, 1850-1870
McCauley, Elizabeth Anne.
Art Museum, University of New Mexico, 1980.

Norsk familie album, 1894-1969.
Boye, Else & Nyquist, F. P. (eds.).
Grondahl: Oslo, 1969.

A History of Photography : Social and Cultural Perspectives
Jean-Claude Lemagny

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Rethinking Visual Anthropology

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Fields of Vision : Essays in Film Studies, Visual Anthropology, and Photography

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Image-Based Research : A Sourcebook for Qualitative Researchers

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The Scenic Daguerreotype : Romanticism and Early Photography
The Scenic Daguerreotype : Romanticism and Early Photography John Wood

Explores the relationship between nineteenth-century romanticism and the topographical daguerreotype.
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The Battle With the Slum

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How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York

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The Complete Photographic Work of Jacob A. Riis

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Jacob a Riis: Photographer & Citizen

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