Book Reviews

American Victorian Costume in Early Photographs
Visual survey documenting Victorian costume through photographs.
Amateurs, Photography, and the Mid-Victorian Imagination
Through a study of British photographers, the author shows how the emergence of amateur photography shaped early photography and led to commercialization of the art. Discusses the tension between amateur and commercial photography.
Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs
Review of book helping the genealogist to research and interpret their family photographs.
Dressed for the Photographer. Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840 -1900
Review of work studying the relationship of fashion, photography and society.
The Silver Canvas: Daguerreotype Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum
Review of book showcasing Getty collection of daguerreotypes.
Double Exposure Two: Stereographic Views of the Jersey Shore (1859 to 1910) and Their Relationship to Pioneer Photography
Review of book on the history of the Jersey shore by noted local historian.
Pennsylvania History. Vol. 64, No. 2 (Spring 1997). Special Issue: History of Photography in Pennsylvania.
Review of book on regional photographers in Pennsylvania.
The Keepers of Light : A History and Working Guide to Early Photographic Processes
Review of basic guide to antique photographic processes and perceptive notions about the influence of technology on art
California in Depth: A Stereoscopic History
Review of book containing stereographic views of nineteenth-century California.
Victorian and Edwardian Fashion : A Photographic Survey
Review of book surveying fashions in Victorian and Edwardian photographs and comparing them with fashion magazine accounts.
Index to American Photographic Collections
Review of volume indexing images held in American photographic collections.
The Scenic Daguerreotype : Romanticism and Early Photography
Review of book exploring the relationship between nineteenth-century romanticism and the topographical daguerreotype.
The Painted Photograph 1839-1914 : Origins, Techniques, Aspirations
Review of book on the history of hand-tinted photographs and their relationship to art.
Collector's Guide to Early Photographs (Collectors Guide Series)
Review of book intended to help antique photograph collectors identify and value images. General overview of history of photography.
The Savage View : Charles Savage, Pioneer Mormon Photographer
Review of biography of western photographer Charles Savage.
Care and Identification of Nineteenth-century Photographic Prints
Review of book on the care and identification of photographic prints.
Photographers: A Sourcebook for Historical Research
Review of book on biography of historic photographers
William Henry Jackson : An Annotated Bibliography {1862 to 1995}
Review of W. H. Jackson bibliography.
World of Stereographs
Review of classic book on stereographic views.
Cartes de Visite in Nineteenth-Century Photography
Review of classic book surveying carte de visite photographs.
After Art : Rethinking 150 Years of Photography : Selections from the Joseph and Elaine Monsen Collection.
Review of book covering the exhibit of the same name from Monsen photograph collection.

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