Early Twentieth-Century Photography

Snapshot : America Discovers the Camera
Kenneth P. Czech

The camera has a special place in American history. Although photography was a European invention, the Americans readily took to the new art. They quickly surpassed their European counterparts in refining and applying the technology of photography to business and art. The invention of photography spurred industry to introduce new methods of glassmaking, papermaking and metallurgy becoming part of the era of technical progress culminating in the progressive era and shaping our world today. But the camera's influence over society loomed large in America. The author cites specific instances of the camera's influence on the American experience. Commendably, the author covers tintypes, stereographs and the carte de visite. A readable overview of the first hundred years of photography.
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Pictorialism in California : Photographs 1900-1940
Michael G. Wilson, Dennis Reed

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The Birth of a Century : Early Color Photographs of America
Jim Hughes, William Henry Jackson

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Bystander : A History of Street Photography
Colin Westerbeck, Joel Meyerowitz
Hardcover Published 1994

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The Art of the Autochrome : The Birth of Color Photography
John Wood, Merry A. Foresta
Hardcover. Published 1993

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