Carte de Visite, Cabinet and other Card Photographs

New Catalogue of Card Photographs.
Anthony, E. & H. T.
Catalogue of Card Photographs published by E. & H. T. Anthony Company. New York, 1862.

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The photograph manual; a practical treatise, containing the carte de visite, etc. 8th ed.
Burgess, N. G.
Appleton: New York, 1863.

This work should be available on microfilm from your library.

Cartes de Visite in Nineteenth Century Photography.
Darrah, William C.
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: W. C. Darrah, 1981. ISBN 0-9131116-05-X. Library of Congress Catalogue # 81-69489.

The definitve work on the carte de visite. This work is was the first comprehensive survey of the carte de visite and was done with the author's characteristic thoroughness. It gives a complete and detailed history of the carte de visite's origin (which are somewhat clouded by controversial claims) in Europe and the carte's American debut. He concentrates on these small photographs as emblematic of photography becoming a business and creating a social record. He catalogs the many categories of subjects to be seen in the carte de visite and illustrates how it became a global format. Further, he gives instructions on how to estimate the date of an image not found in any other history and backed up by the study of 40,000 examples from the author's and other's collections.
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Collector's Guide to Early Photographs.
Collector's Guide to Early Photographs. Mace, O. Henry Mace.
Paperback - 224 pages 2nd update edition (March 1999) Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873417208 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.45 x 10.96 x 8.52

I highly recommend this overview of 19th century photograph types. I highly recommend this book as being a great starting place for those just getting started. It is a book I return to time and time again. Not only does it do a good job of providing a standard concise history for each type of photograph, it makes an effort to tell you something new.
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The Album of Carte de Visite and Cabinet Portrait Photographs, 1854-1914.
Mathews, Oliver.
Reedminster: London, 1974.

Card Photographs : A Guide to Their History and Value
McCulloch, Lou W., McCulloch, Lois
Hardcover Reprint edition (March 1997) Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 0916838560

This first survey of the card photograph by the McCullochs in all it's many varieties fills a gap that has needed filling ever since Darrah's landmark study of the carte de visite. The cabinet card has been particularly neglected compared to the stereograph or the carte de visite. This neglect was probably due to the stereograph's more exciting presentation and world-spanning themes along with the carte de visite playing a major role in civil war soldier's portraits. Whereas the cabinet card and other miscellaneous formats such as the Boudoir, Victoria and Promenade individually did not warrant their own survey and may have been viewed as more personal expressions of portraiture and family album than educating viewers to the world around them. However, these other card photographs types played important social roles and deserve better treatment in the history of photography, which the authors provide. This title outlines the history and origin of the card photograph and provides a guide to the value of each kind of photograph and the subjects of most interest to the collector. The cabinet card was used by many actors, dancers, singers and other theatrical types as promotional items giving them a significance beyond the personal or family. Some cabinet cards depict unusual subjects such as mascots or business related themes. The Promenade card reflected social manners, being a format intended specifically for photographing people riding or walking on promenade.
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The Card Photograph an appendix to the 3rd ed. of Treatise on Photography on collodion.
Waldack, Charles.
Waldack, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1862.

This work should be available on microfilm from your library.

Heinrich Tčonnies, cartes-de-visite photographer extraordinaire : det 19. ęarhundredes "fotograf extraordinaire"
Tčonnies, Heinrich

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Cartes de Visite, Precedents and Social Influences.
Younger, Dan.
CMP Bulletin, vol. 6, no. 4. Riverside, California: University of California at Riverside, California Museum of Photography, n.d. [1990s].

Although only a short pamphlet, this work, now out of print, gives an overview of the influence of the carte de visite on society and is packed with excellent reproductions of exceptional cartes de visite. Many were contributed for this work from collections ranging from the California Museum of Photography's own to the private collection of Henry Deeks including a carte de visite of Disderi. Examples are accompanied by expansive quotes from popular nineteenth-century magazines and journals.

Fashion a La Carte, 1860-1900 : A Study of Fashion Through Cartes-De-Visite (History in Camera)
Avril Lansdell

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